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The New 2021 McLaren 765LT is a Real Demon!!!

The McLaren 765LT elevates to new levels the attributes that underpin every LongTail: driver engagement, track-focused dynamics, minimized weight, optimized aerodynamics and increased power are all amplified – particularly the first two. The LT promise of being ‘limited to the few’ is also fulfilled, with just 765 individually numbered cars available globally for customer order.755


This Tire is Capable of Self-Regenerating!!! – How is it Possible?

The Goodyear reCharge is a revolutionary self-regenerating concept tire that can adapt and change to meet individual mobility needs.At the core of the Goodyear reCharge concept is a reloadable and biodegradable tread compound that can be recharged with individual capsules, radically simplifying the process of replacing your tires. Filled with a customized liquid compound, these


Honda e (2020) Five Screen Dashboard!!! DEMONSTRATION

The 2020 Honda e interior is designed for effortless usability, incorporating a range of connected apps and AI-enabled services for both drivers and passengers. The intuitive HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) enables the Honda e to seamlessly integrate with the owner’s everyday life, elevating the car’s value beyond simply a means of transportation.An 8.8-inch TFT meter instrument display


RENAULT MORPHOZ (2020) The Growing Concept Car – Future Renault Espace?

Renault Morphoz is a personal electric vehicle, connected and equipped with level 3 autonomous driving functions. It can be shared when not in use.This modular vehicle offers a personalized adaptation to the needs, desires and uses of each person to push back all the automotive limits.Renault Morphoz is adaptable: it can be transformed to fit to all


CZINGER 21C – Ultimate Supercar | Geneva Car Show 2020

Czinger 21C hypercar to be launched at Geneva International Motor Show 2020The Czinger 21C is designed and manufactured from the ground up by the Czinger team in Los Angeles, California. Lightweight, proprietary high-performance alloy and carbon fibre multi-material structures form the 21C chassis. Computationally engineered, printed and assembled, the chassis is home to an in-house


2021 Bentley Mulliner Bacalar – Inspired by EXP 100 GT – Teaser

Bentley will reveal the future of coachbuilding at next month’s Geneva International Motor Show with the unveiling of the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar.Exquisitely hand-built by Bentley Mulliner, the oldest coachbuilder in the world, the Bacalar represents Grand Touring at its most exhilarating. Sustainable and ethically-sourced materials are fused with a beautiful yet dramatic design inspired by